What is Home Health Care?

Home Health Care provides medical treatment for an illness, injury, or decrease in physical function with the goal of helping you recover, regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible. More than just providing excellent care in your home, Home Health Care also saves billions of dollars each year by preventing re-hospitalization or the need for short-term rehab. At Panoptic Home Health in Morris, IL we provide this kind of care in the home.

What are the qualifications to receive Home Health Care?

  • Must have a doctor’s order
  • Patient must be homebound
    • Needs the help of another person to leave the house
    • Needs assistive devices to leave home (wheelchair, walker, cane)

    • Leaving home make symptoms worse (shortness of breath, pain, fatigue)

    • Patient leaves infrequently for church, medical appointments, dialysis

  • Must have a skilled need (i.e. IV Therapy, Wounds, Diagnosis Teaching, Medication Management, Teaching, PT, OT, SLP etc.)

Who pays for Home Health Care?

  • Medicare covers 100% as long as the qualifications are obtained.
  • Private insurance varies depending on your personal policy.

What are some indications that I might need Home Health?

  • Recent fall
  • New medication
  • Difficulty completing tasks that were previously attainable
    • Dressing, bathing, grooming, walking, use of an assistive device (a cane or a walker), getting up from a chair,
  • Increased pain when you are moving about your house

  • Weight gain or loss

New diagnosis – Home Health personnel can educate you about your new diagnosis including any new medications you might be on because of the diagnosis. For example, new blood pressure medications.

What do I do if I could benefit from Home Health services?

  • Talk to your doctor about your concerns
  • Ask your doctor to fax a referral to PANOPTIC HOME HEALTH (815-513-5446)

What will happen next?

  • A nurse will contact your doctor to get information and a doctor’s order
  • Next, a Registered Nurse will contact you to set-up an assessment
  • If therapy is needed, a Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapist will contact you to set-up an assessment
  • The nurse and therapists will coordinate your plan of care with you and your doctor

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